Coming Out Of The Dark is devoted to survivors of a variety of life’s challenges. Focusing on sharing stories of people living with or who have overcome depression, mental illness, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, addiction and more. Coming Out Of The Dark strives to provide empowering profiles and creative expressions along with resources.  As most of us love music, film and creative talent the site has lots of creative content like stories of celebrities coming out with their mental health, addictions or abuse stories and Music and films inspired by or about these issues.

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“Coming Out Of The Dark” was the first single released after Gloria Estefan’s tragic accident—an 18-wheeler rammed her tour bus, nearly causing the singer’s death—when her “Get on Your Feet Tour” was in progress. It is also the first song that Estefan performed publicly after recovering. The song is inspired by the near-fatal accident and also is dedicated to Emilio Estefan, Jr., Gloria’s husband, who was with her until this dark time ended for the Estefans and their fans.

Writers: Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan Jr., Jon Secada

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