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"I think for so long, we swept it under the carpet, for so long when it's time to deal with THAT issue, when it's time to deal with molestation inside the home, we walk away from it. We don't address it so often times we live a lifetime with those demons and not really dealing with it so we continue to have a damaged life and it's time to stop that, it's time for us to heal and be survivors and no longer be victims." Read More »

The Burden

The advert titled The Burden was done by McCann-Erickson Milan advertising agency for CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AWARENESS (Casa do Menor company) in Italy. It was released in the November 2009. Casa do Menor is an organization that works in Brasil and Africa to guarantee minors' rights. Read More »

Janet Jackson & Depression

During the two years prior to the release of The Velvet Rope, Janet Jackson struggled with a long-term case of depression. As a result, she frequently took time off during the recording of the album or abruptly left the studio during recording sessions. The Velvet Rope became a concept album about her struggles. Read More »