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9th Annual Female Eye Film Festival – Mental Health, Abuse films

 www.femaleeyefilmfestival.com The Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF) launches its 9th annual showcase and celebration of films directed by women with a bang! This March 16 to 20, 2011, join us as we take a look through the lens at sex, violence and politics through the Female Eye! Female Eye Film Festival picks: Peach Plum Pear – Dir. Alana Morshead, starring ... Read More »


"I think for so long, we swept it under the carpet, for so long when it's time to deal with THAT issue, when it's time to deal with molestation inside the home, we walk away from it. We don't address it so often times we live a lifetime with those demons and not really dealing with it so we continue to have a damaged life and it's time to stop that, it's time for us to heal and be survivors and no longer be victims." Read More »

Charmaine Loverin “Loving My Sinner, Hating His Sin”

Canadian artist, Charmaine Loverin is preparing for what she hopes will be a major shift in conversations about child sexual abuse offenders. She dares to say that since abuse starts with the abuser, if treatment was available, child sexual abuse can be stopped. In what is sure to be a widely discussed book, “Loving My Sinner, Hating His Sin” Loverin takes on that challenge and shares her own story of being sexually abused and the process of charging and ultimately forgiving her father. Read More »

Mackenzie Phillips High On Arrival

We all know Mackenzie Phillips first told her story of incest sexual abuse from her father on Oprah as her book High On Arrival was about to be released. Following that appearance she appeared on other shows and also returned to Oprah called Shattering the Secrecy of Incest // Mackenzie Phillips' Follow-Up. Here are some interviews in case you missed them. Read More »

Miss America By Day

In her book, Miss America By Day - Lessons Learned from Ultimate Betrayals and Unconditional Love, Marilyn Van Derbur, a former Miss America, tells the story of how she was sexually violated by her prominent, millionaire father from age 5 to age 18. She was 53 years old before she was able to speak the words in public, "I am an incest survivor." Read More »